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How to watch IPTV with VLC ??

First of all, if you don’t have VLC installed on your PC or visit VLC site and download VLC media player.

Method 1: Download the m3u playlist

To download the m3u playlist visit one of our page posts and find the download link like in the picture below.
Click the link to download it.
vlc m3u iptv daily tutorial
After downloading the m3u file, you can find it in your Downloads folder ( or other location specified by you ). Double-click to open it. Enjoy free channels.
vlc m3u iptv daily tutorial
If the default player for m3u files is not VLC media player, right-click on the file and open properties.
As you can see in the image below in my case the default player is Windows Media Player. So I will change it to VLC media player.
vlc m3u iptv daily tutorial

vlc m3u iptv daily tutorial
After this step, all you need to open m3u files is to double-click the downloaded file

Method 2: Copy-Paste the m3u link into VLC media player.

Copy the m3u link link from our site.
Open VLC media player and press Ctrl+V from keyboard. A window like below will show. If you copied the link from previous step, the link wil show automatically on the text box.
vlc m3u iptv daily tutorial
If the box is empty or with a different link, go back to website and make sure to copy the m3u link. After that paste it on the box.

Important for both methods

After playing the m3u list with one of methods above you can press Ctrl+L to dispaly playlist, or press it again to hide it. You can also show/hide it from toggle playlist button as in figure.
vlc m3u iptv daily tutorial

If Stream Stops or skips to other channel every 20-30 seconds, please click two times on Loop Play Button until an one appears as in figure.

vlc m3u iptv daily tutorial

If you have activate loop button and a channel doesn’t work, please press Next button to change the channel or VLC will constantly show an error message. You can also watch the tutorial video on youtube

how to setup iptv on smart tv 

1 – Search for the ‘Smart IPTV ’ application on your Samsung/LG TV screen.
2 – Open the Smart TV app.
(You’ll read on your screen that you have a free test of this App for only 7 days, then you will have to make a donation of 5.49 Euro at this link  to get a  lifetime activation ).
3 – Your MAC Address displayed on your screen, write it down.
4 – Browse to the website
5 – Enter your MAC Address  that you noted before from the Smart IPTV App.
6 – choose file and click upload
7 – if you have a iptv link Click on the ‘Add link’ button than check the reCAPTCHA.


8 – Go back to your TV and Restart the Smart IPTV app.
9 – Your channels list should be loaded.

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